Chelsey Rader

Chelsey Rader is a successful photographer, creative director and a model from Los Angeles, CA.  I hope you’ll enjoy the interview;

How did you fall in love with photography?

About 4 years ago I started up my fashion blog Dressing Wildfire as a creative way to express my enthusiasm as a wardrobe stylist. Only problem was I needed to find a way to bring my inspiration and ideas to life so I picked up a camera and the rest is history. Day after day I reached out to models, makeup artist, designers, and any artist interested in shooting. In time I received great opportunities to photograph and direct agency shoots, designers lookbook’s, various runway events such as New York and LA Fashion week, and more. I fell in love with the freedom my camera gave me not only as a photographer or wardrobe stylist but as an entrepreneur as well. The freedom to express myself creatively and visually is euphoric feeling i’ll always cherish in my photographs.

How important is having a unique style as a photographer? How would you describe your style?

In my opinion, having a unique style as a photographer is extremely important. Its what can make or break the mood of your photograph and sets you apart in your own expressive way. I would describe my style as ” elegantly fearless”. I’ve taken risk with my photos as well as my styling and will never turn down an opportunity to experiment in new creative ways.

Where did you grow up? How have your roots influenced your sense of style?

Although I grew up in Los Angeles, I traveled around California a lot and would say my roots have been influenced by each unique city I experienced. Whether its was Venice Beach opening my eyes to a colorfully grundy scene or the funky streets of San Francisco’s historic scene, California has influenced my style in many ways.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?

Never be afraid to hear “No” and never let fear take away from experience. With every 10 “no’s” you’ll eventually get a yes just keep pushing forward!

Have you ever run out of ideas?

Thankfully not too often. Sometimes I find myself hitting a wall when creating certain content however its then I find ways to become creative by pulling inspiration from any and everything around me. I’ll get some fresh air, change my scenery and clear my mind. For me, creativity can’t be forced it can be inspired.

How do you find places and models for your shootings?

Social Media is a great outlet to reach out to other artist and to get location inspiration. I personally benefit the most off Instagram but of coarse prefer exploring new referred locations and networking with models or artist through various events and recommendations.

What’s the one piece of photo gear you couldn’t live without?

Couldn’t live without my Canon and combined with an 85mm portrait lens makes me one happy photographer

Do you edit your photos? If yes, which programs do you use?

Yes I edit my photos and depending on what i’m shooting will determine what program I use. My main two are Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. To me, Photoshop is amazing if your working within various layers of your photograph while Lightroom is outstanding with color compositions and the overall mood of the photo.


We would like to express our gratitude to Chelsey Rader for this great interview.

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