Marco Jimenez

Marco Jimenez is an actor, model and entrepreneur. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview;

How did you fall in love with modeling?

I never expected myself to be a model. The love started after I got scouted. I realized how pictures can take you back to a moment in the past and basically relive that moment. Now, modeling on a regular basis, I basically have a visual timeline of my life in which I can see myself evolve as a person. Both physically and mentally.

How were you discovered?

I tried out a new barber and he happened to be a model scout as well. After the first appointment things were set in motion and from then on everything went really fast

What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

That would probably be the one in Malibu (Point Dume) where they put a harness around my waste while I was hanging off a very high cliff with only the rope preventing me from fatally falling down. Later they photoshopped the harness and the rope out of the picture and it looked absolutely amazing!

How would you define your personal style?

A mixture of old fashioned class with a modern touch. People tell me it’s very European

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Where did you grow up? How have your roots influenced your sense of style?

I was born in Spain and lived in Holland for many years. I guess that has been a major influence on my sense of style. The Spanish care a lot about physical looks while the dutch are very progressive when it comes to fashion in my opinion.

Who is your style icon and why?

The Valentino founders. Giancarlo Giammetti and Valentino Garavani. They keep it simple and still manage to stand out wherever they go

Who is your favorite photographer and why?

I don’t really have a favorite photographer because there are so many different styles. From a commercial perspective I really like the work of Steven Meisel

What advice would you give to aspiring models out there?

It’s an industry of rejection. Don’t let it get to you. You can’t beat the person who never quits

Do you edit your own photos? If yes, which programs do you use?

I edit my own Candid pictures. For that I use Facetune or YouCam perfect


We would like to express our gratitude to Marco Jimenez for this great interview.

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