Pato Luna is a Mexico based photographer who really love vibrant colors and create a unique style of his own.

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview;

How did you fall in love with photography?

I was an artist before being a photographer but one day a friend of mine asked me if I could take some pictures of him during his set and then I just fell in love with it.

How important is having a unique style as a photographer? How would you describe your style?

It is something that you should naturally develop based on your own experience and in how you like your photos to look, but when you finally have your unique style it will help you get recognized by it. I describe my style as something that suits the photography and makes it more eyecatching than before, I really like vibrant colors but I also like dull colors, so it basically depends on what I feel would fit right.

Where did you grow up? How have your roots influenced your sense of style?

I grew up in Mexico City, in a very calm an peaceful neighborhood. But I’ve always been trying to find the disruptive things in life that happen everyday around the world but they are too little or to unimportant to be seen.

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What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?

Practice. Practice is the best way to just develop your style, also try new ideas, don’t just take the same pictures that everyone takes, use new angles, styles, colors, places. But the most important thing is…. never stop trying.

Have you ever run out of ideas?

Sometimes I do run out of ideas, but I’ve realized that the more I worry the I get blocked, so I just take a break and go do some other things that I like, and because of that I have developed crazy ideas that come out to me in the most unexpected moments.

How do you find places and for your shootings?

I normally get to know people of the area so that they can take me to the amazing places they only know. And for the models I normally contact them trough Instagram.

What’s the one piece of photo gear you couldn’t live without?

Obviously my camera jajaja. But besides that I think that a good camera bag and a good tripod could make a great difference.

Do you edit your photos? If yes, which programs do you use?

I edit some of my photos, it depends on what I think about the concept. I use Lightroom and Photoshop, but sometimes I just use the Instagram editor (you would be surprised of how powerful it is).


We would like to express our gratitude to Pato Luna for this great interview.

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