@teraspro is a great photographer and an explorer from Milwaukee. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview;

How did you fall in love with photography?

My father had always been into photography ever since he came to the states. He started out with out disposable film cameras and then moved on to more advanced cameras as the technology kept progressing. He prob lived through one of the greatest transitions to ever occur in photography history. My dad gave me my first camera, a trustee Canon T3i, as a gift and from there I started to fall in love with it. I kept learning and practicing, getting myself out there to do photo shoot with friends and even strangers. Fast forward some years and here I am , a professional photographer doing something I truly love for a living.

How important is having a unique style as a photographer? How would you describe your style?

I’d say a unique style is key to becoming your own brand and a true photographer. It can be taken broadly in the case of how your insta feed is set up, tones, colors etc., or it can be soemthing like street photography or fashion models. Whatever your style is, make it unique and embrace it. Don’t worry about what others say about you or what their style is. You do you.

Personally I would say my style is urban adventure lifestyle. I love the city but I love nature as well. And I try to convey that through my feeds on social media.

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Where did you grow up? How have your roots influenced your sense of style?

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you’ve never been, Iran definitely an awesome city. You’ve got nature all around you but also a growing city with awesome night life. I think the serenity and peace that I had back in Milwaukee really helped me to understand who I am, what I’m passionate about and what type of style my work is.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?

Never give up and get out there and just do it. Sure that sounds easier than it is, but that’s honestly the only way to become a true photographer. There’s thousands of photographers out there and they can all do what you do. They might have better cameras or more experience, but they ain’t you. They have their own style and you’ve got yours too. So just get out and practice. Learn from experience. Don’t setlle for less and just be you.

Have you ever run out of ideas?

All the time, and the only way I’ve gotten more ideas if by going out and shooting with my camera. You can’t always come up with ideas behind your computer screen or inside an office. You’ve got to get out there and find inspiration, perhaps from something totally unexpected.

How do you find places and models for your shootings?

I just post my portfolio and my info online! Whether I’m offering my services or looking for models, I’m always posting on FB or insta to gain more traction. Also, use your network! You never know when a friend of a friend could be another link to a model.

What’s the one piece of photo gear you couldn’t live without?

Besides my camera, I would not be able to sign with 150

Do you edit your photos? If yes, which programs do you use?

Yes, I always edit my photos. For photos I take on my phone, I use VSCOx as my go to editing program. Then for bigger projects I use Lightroom!!


We would like to express our gratitude to @teraspro for this great interview.

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