Val Vesa is Romania based travel photographer who is also the founder of He grew up in Transylvania which gives an awesome inspiration to him.

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview;

How did you fall in love with photography?

Ever since I was in High-School, I loved photography. Growing up in a communist country, photography was used as a sole purpose to praise the supreme leader. Later I found out it can help me open my mind and imagine things which were not yet possible. I then got a camera as a gift and started experimenting with it.

How important is having a unique style as a photographer? How would you describe your style?

I think people often will forget your name and where you’re from, but will remember your style, in terms of colors, framing, warmth of the composition and also the way you spoke and conducted yourself on set or on location. I try to be a decent human being first, and a photographer afterwards. My style is casual. relaxed, trying to get one subject matter at a time in frame, running away from overcrowding the frame with too many items.

Where did you grow up? How have your roots influenced your sense of style?

I grew up in a remote village in rural Romania, in Transylvania. Hills, river, old castle, horses, cattle and the smell of fresh lilies in our garden. Yes, I know you can visualize that 🙂

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?

To not watch tutorials, but get a camera, read the manual and start shooting. Thousands of photos. Their “style” will be born out of this effort.

Have you ever run out of ideas?

Yes. Seconds and then I went back to those lilies 🙂 – and got my inspiration rebooted 🙂

How do you find places and for your shootings?

I usually find places to shoot as I do my daily commute by car or walking or hiking around the city or hills.

What’s the one piece of photo gear you couldn’t live without?

My Sony FE 70-300 G OSS lense.

Do you edit your photos? If yes, which programs do you use?

Yes, Adobe Lightroom for the ones taken with my camera and Snapseed for the ones taken with my iPhone.


We would like to express our gratitude to Val Vesa for this great interview.

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